Best Cook Book is my attempt at a niche site. Inspired by Pat Flynn’s blog at and more specifically his Niche Site Dual

Based on the the first rule of niche site club “not talk about niche club”, ok so the second rule, create a site about some thing you like. I’m a keen cook and like most people I like saving money. So I came up with the idea of a price comparison site for cook books.

And from a technical point of view I wanted to try and create a site that ran automatically. So the main content is scraped from the Amazon top 20 best selling cook books. the site then goes and finds the prices for those books from a rang of online book retailers.

As items drop out of the top 20 they are archived on the site and there price is still updated but it is no longer featured on the home page.

I also plan to add auto Tweeting and Posts to the Facebook fan page when some key actions happen on the site, like when a book is reduced by more then 50% or when a new book hits the number one spot.

I’ll keep you posted as the site develops. I also plan to do monthly income and analytic updates.

Visit the Best Cookbook Price Comparison site
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