Facebook launches new developers area

Facebook have recently implemented a new design to there developers area. The new design is a great improvement on the old app manager where I have spent many an hour.

So what’s new:
Now you can add users to the app with four different roles, giving you better control over access to your apps settings:

  1. Administrator; complete access to all the app
  2. Developer; access to run, edit and test
  3. Tester; access to test the app in sandbox mode
  4. Insights User; access to just the Insights for the app

You can add people from your friends list or via there registered email address. This makes the use of Sandbox mode much more appealing as you don’t have to give testers and the business access to the app settings, in order for them to use the app.

Insights it’s self has had a refresh, but now on the app overview page you get a quick highlight on your apps usage. Which is handy, when you user want to keep an eye on things.

What’s improved:
As mentioned above the app overview page is now easier to read and has more information on it, which means there is a lot less clicking around to get the info you need.

The use of tabs for everything and then sub tabs on them is a bit clunky but it is a great improvement on the old system.

Let me know what you think of it and if you feel there is anything missing, in the comments below.

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18/07/2011 - 4:58 pm


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